Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Franklin Babies! As promised :)

This is our newest adopter, Cleo-catra, Cleo for short. She showed up at the door and refused to leave so we brought her in. She is very skitish after almost a year being with us. She allows us to give her love only on her terms. And insists on eating whatever we happen to be eating. She loves Doritos. I made the mistake one day of leaving a bag unattended, I returned to find her with her head IN THE BAG eating as fast as she could. Sneaky thing.
This silly girl is Precious. She is about 3 years old and weighs in at about 14 pounds, no that isn't all fur. Her blonde cheek and blue eyes stole our hearts. When we brought her home she fit into the palm of my hand, so tiny, little did we know (see the picture below, this is a day or so after we brought her home. I actually had "lost" her and it took a frantic lap or two through the house before I found her there). I love this picture of her (above)because it shows off her pretty belly. She is SOUND asleep in this picture. She didn't budge when the camera clicked and flashed. We originally had the plan that Tigger (you'll see her below) needed a playmate, HA HA HA ROTFL! Never happened.
These beauties are Napoleon ( on the left) and Harley (on the right). They are "twins" and are just over 2 years old. My husband decided he needed an "orange" kitty. Well, he had a sister that was too cute to leave behind. The only way to tell them apart, before Napoleon out grew Harley was that Harley has a back paw that is tipped with white. Since Tigger didn't want anything to do with Precious she needed a playmate, she got a boyfriend and a sister too. :) This is an older picture, Napoleon weighs about 12 pounds and Harley is maybe 10 if that. She is the sweetest little squeaker we have, we are so glad we brought her home too.
This beauty is who started it all. This is Tigger. She has just turned 19! My Dad surprised me one Labor Day by taking me to pick out a kitten. There was this poor little runt in the closet and she immediately stole my heart. She is spoiled rotten (not to say the others aren't). She sleeps with me and makes sure that I get up when my alarm goes off. If I don't she is there to tap me and meow or purr in my ear. She is famous for tickeling me with her whiskers. I know she knows it makes me crazy. She is the smallest of them all, weighing in at maybe 5 pounds. She has never been bigger than 8 pounds. Always my little baby.

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