Monday, October 29, 2007

Near Cat-tastrophy

Well, not for us but for Precious.
The story... she loves to lounge on the patio table that is on our pool deck. Yesterday morning we were lounging about being lazy before church, letting the cats roam on the deck. It was a beautiful cool morning, one of the first this fall, then a comotion and a KER-SPLASH breaks the calm. I yell, there's a cat in the pool! We both jump and run, Steve is tripping out the sliding glass door tearing off his socks, don't ask me why that was important when he was prepared to jump into the pool, anyway... I stop and shut the sliding glass door. Brilliant move on my part, and run to get towels. As I make it back to the pool deck I hear this God awful screeching sound and then see my beautiful girl soaked to the bone and fully traumatized. Steve is holding on to her so she doesn't run into the house dripping all over.
We dried her the best we could and she limped into the house, she hurt her front paw falling in or trying to get out, not sure which. She sulked all day. After a little while she got up on the bed on Steve's side right up against his pillows and proceded to finish drying herself. He felt she was laying in his spot, something she doesn't do, as a sort of cat thank you for saving her. She had licked my leg just before getting up on the bed. Kitty kisses.
When we got home from church she was still traumatized, and moped all day, sleeping mostly on the bed.
She would not go onto the pool deck this morning, she is usually the second one out there.
We have had the pool for almost a year and this is the first incident of one going swimming. I think Precious will remember this for a long time. I have never seen an animal so humilated and traumatized.
We of course laugh hysterically today thinking about it, but at the time it was a little scary. None of them have their front claws so we will have to pay more attention to them out there since they have no way of climbing out if they do fall in.
We have a friend who lost his little dog that way. Very sad.
P.S. Chlorine is not good for cat's fur. Her coat is dull and dingy now. She will need alot of combing to get back her sheen.

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