Monday, February 4, 2008

The cutest baby

She is looking at me like, " I have been here ten minutes and the camera already?!" Look at those feet!, So cute. The shirt by the way says "Does this diaper make my butt look big?" Hysterical.

Little Speed Racer. 6 1/2 months old and she is crawling. She does the military low crawl alot but gets up on those knees here and there. She has been crawling for about a month now. She walks when you hold her hands, well she holds your hands. She tries her hardest to stand, I don't think it will be long. She has very strong legs and a strong will.

Another one of those faces of "Why is the camera out again?!" That's her mommy in the background. After I took this picture she crawled to me and I got slobbery love. (Big sigh, heart melting now)

She is in her new walker, ready to eat dinner. She is just too beautiful for words.

Sacked out finally. Grandpa left her alone long enough for her to go to sleep. He can't stand for her to go to sleep. He wants to spend all the time he can with her. :) Check out those crossed ankles. Such a princess. Holding Daddy's hand for comfort. AWWWWWW! Suffering through the Super bowl game was tolerable with her there. I have no idea what happened for most of the game, caught a few cute commercials...Sobe Lizards doing the Thriller dance with a super model, priceless! Almost as cute at the Budwiser frogs were.

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