Friday, April 18, 2008

Summer is on it's way!

Happy Friday! Boy am I happy to see it this week! Whew! It is a gorgeous sunny day here in Lake County! I did a stamping spree earlier and created some cute cards. Story first... I was grocery shopping last night and was drawn to the bakery, does this happen to anyone else? Well there were these fabulous looking cupcakes, all bright and pretty, calling to me in their little plastic boxes. Then I noticed the really cute plastic decorations sticking out of them. WAY CUTE! Stampin Up has 2 stamp sets that really match these little picks and I happen to have both; so off I trot to the counter to ask the lovely girl if I can please just buy the decorations, and she said yes. She also let me buy some really cute plastic flowers and butterflies that they have in their decoration collection. I could have kissed her for saving me a few bucks and all of those calories. LOL I have to add that the whole time she is picking through the plastic lovelies my DH is standing nearby just shaking his head. Even after 14 years of knowing me, he just can't get the whole craft-thinking brain of mine. I am always looking for things to use on cards or other projects. (I saved the pull rings off cat food because they were gold! You should have seen that face that he made!) Here are two of the cards I made using them. I had to put the first one out by the pool for it's photo shoot. You can't see it very well, but the orange eyelet in the bottom is a crab. Have a fabulous weekend! Think warm! Summer will be here fast!! Woohoo!

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