Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy July everyone!!

Can you believe it's July already?! I can't! I am in shock.
I made some fun cards recently. On SC they posted a challenge a while back to make background paper using a marbeling technique and shaving cream is the base to hold your color. Very cool, very messy but worth it. Here are some of my results.
You can check my gallery for the stories here.

Those are real pills inside the shaker. We had to throw out (flush) the expired sample pills and while opening them I realized how cute they would be with this stamp. The white pill actually has a heart on it. I had to save a few for the card.

I am the constant crafter always looking at stuff thinking, how can I put that on a card!

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Kristine said...

Very cute! I've done that marbeling techn. too--been a while, but it's fun. Sure I'll exchange some images with you. You said you liked that paisley kitty--YES, it's very expensive if you only want one stamp!! The shipping is horendous! I actually ordered several stamps in one order. Anyway, I'd be happy to stamp some for you. I'm at work right now, but email me your addy and I'll get those out to you soon. Might want to check my blog and see if there are other images you'd like. And as for me, well, I like anything CUTE! I love images of kids, or animals. Thanks!