Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blooming Explosion Cards

We have a great new store in Winter Garden. It's a scrapbook store with great papers and accessoris and GREAT teachers.
This is the third class I have taken and am equally happy with them all.
This is the first card looking at the front of it. This is the same card peaking inside.
And BOOM! it's open all the way! Isn't that spectacular! I know I would love to get something like this in the mail. Now I just have to decide who to send it to....
This is the second card, the petals in the flowers say smile. I kept is simple since the inside is so wonderful.
It's open a little just a tease!
And it's blooming wonderful! I really like it with the two colors. I want to make more with multiple colors. I think that would be awsome!
I just need the Pick a Petal stamp set from Stampin' up so I can do the petals on the flowers.

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