Wednesday, November 18, 2009

9 weeks old today!

What a life!! Kicking back chillin' Isn't she the cutest thing since kittens?! This is documenting her first shots. She wouldn't cooperate with the photo. Notice the huge bandaids on her thighs. She got 2 shots in her left leg and 1 in her right. She did really well that night, not too fussy and no fever. The shots were a different story at the time. She cried really hard and Daddy and I both were very traumatized. I showed it more than he did though.
New outfit from her Grandparents. Getting her ready for the cold weather if it ever gets here. We had a few days so far and she got to show this off to the ladies at my office. They all loved it. It's velour, so soft and cozy.

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