Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Emily is 6 months old!!

Being silly with her bib on her head! I love her expression, it's like "what? this is normal!" Playing in her room, sitting all by herself. I think we played for over an hour in there. Notice, the basket is on it's side, she did that. :)
What a sweet, big girl.
Yup, she is a cutie!
Look, mom, I am bigger than Grace Bear now!!
Wardrobe change or hula skirt?
OK, I am tired now, no more pictures!
She had her 6 month check up yesterday, the doctor said she was advanced being able to sit so well. She weighs 15.3 pounds (she's lost some due to being sick) she is 26 inches tall and was so brave getting her shots. She only cried for a few seconds. Once I could pick her up she was fine. She is sweet and funny and working on crawling!

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