Sunday, January 22, 2012

Crayon hearts-courtesy of Pinterest

Yet another Pinterst idea.  Emily has announced that she doesn't like the big crayons, she needs little ones.  SO, I was actually happy about this because I could put to use yet another Pinterest idea.  This also brought on a trip to Joann's (darn right ;), such torture) I was in luck! The exact pan I was looking for and at 40% off too!!

 Emily and I gathered all of her big crayons and the icky ones we have brought home from various kid's meals and we began peeling and breaking, note the intense concentration and use of all  muscles to break this big crayon 
 Success and she could see herself! Such a silly girl!

Next we placed several crayons per section and she made sure to put  her OCD to work and place them perfectly in each cavity. :)

 Next, a little spa trip for our waxy friends, after they were melted I added more crayon pieces to make them more even, not all crayons are created equal so you will have to play with this a bit.  Also we discovered the wax likes to settle at the top of the crayon so what will ultimately be the actual top ends up quite lovely because all the color settles to the bottom of the mold.
 But, they work and she liked them and I think I will be making Valentines cards with cute heart crayons on them!
Wanted to share this, she insisted I sit by her on the way home from dinner so I sat in the back seat, allowing the Hubby to pretend he was driving a lovely rich woman and her charming daughter home after a nice evening out. lol, the tip was a dream too
Anyway, sorry got carried away in the dream, but my Angel girl wanted to hold hands and we sat this way for most of the ride home.  She is my world and can't remember what I did with my time before she came along.
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