Sunday, January 15, 2012

Florida Snowman

On Weds. and Thurs. our local library has story time for 0-5 year olds.  I try to take Emily every week.  This week we got to build snowmen! So very exciting. So after Miss Suzanne read us two stories and we sang and danced our fun songs out came the snowman building supplies! 
As you can see, we got 3 marshmallows, a dollop of vanilla frosting, 3 pretzel sticks, a candy corn, a Hershey kiss, 2 raisins and 5 mini M& M's

 I thought to myself, this kid is a pro! She's never been handed a plate of candy and told to build a snowman, she immediately picked up the stick and grabbed the frosting and started putting her man together!
 Of course we had to have some quality control going on there! I helped her by putting the pretzel stick through all three marshmallows so her snowman would stand up.  She shoved that candy corn in his face right where his nose should be and put his hat on, I can't believe the hat made it to his head because this girl is a choco-haulic!

 The builder posing proudly by her masterpiece, note the frosting on her chin!  I had to eat her raisins because the snowman had to have "ononge" eyes.  I love how she says orange.  Super cute.  

 And now, the really fun part!! Demolition!! Down he goes, "get in my belly"

YUMMO!! She had fun and believe it or not she still ate her lunch less than an hour later! :)

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Miranda said...

Too Cute!
Miranda :)