Saturday, February 18, 2012

LayOut re-do

You can see the original layout here 
I asked my lovely followers to help me make it better because I was at a loss as to what else to do.  

Mary said...

I love this LO Marji! I am trying to imagine (lol) the 2 pages side by side. See if this would work: try flipping another bird with the "tweet" banner and place in the left hand corner of the 2nd page on the bottom. It might look like the birds are "tweeting" to each other and may balance out the 2 pages. That's my suggestion lol. TFS, Mary M

Jenny R said...
Super cute suggestion is to add some doodled stitching around the pages to match the stitching on the Your Tweet sign. I love how you used the negative space from your frames for your journaling.
Jenny R

Josie0602 said...
I like what you have done in your layout and I think something you could do is add flourishes or swirls to draw your eye around the page.
DT sister, Tracy

I liked what they all had to say so I added some stitching around the perimeter, and the journaling blocks, I did some doodle swirls all through the pages and added a bit smaller bird, I hate to admit but we all make mistakes right...I had to print her 3 times before I got her to flip, the first time I forgot, the second time it flipped but flipped back somehow and the third time was the charm!
I'd like to send each of you a little thank you if you'd send me your address. 
I love the crafting world and am so blessed to be a part of it.  It makes me happy to create things and share them with strangers and have help when I need it!
I was supposed to have posted this on Tuesday but have been in bed all week with a horrible stomach bug that seems to be sweeping quite a few households. I am on the mend and feeling a bit better, ate more today than I've eaten all week and trust me that's not saying much.  I think I've lost an entire pant size, not a hugely bad thing...
until next time, happy crafting and big hugs

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