Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Projects

This is the current Build a Project from Creative Kuts. If you aren't getting these projects you are missing out.  Visit them on face book,  Each week is a new cutting file. Create the project, post by Sunday and have fun.
This week is an adorable watering can, super easy to put together  and SO cute.

 My silly little girl, wearing her Easter hat playing with her babies.
 Another project, this is from Scraptastical Kreations, it's a note pad holder and covers for the 3 by 3 note pads.  So cute and with all the scrapbook papers out there this could be made for every idea under the sun!
 This is the Build a Project from last week at Creative Kuts.  I turned out really wonky but Emily loved it so she's using it for her tiny baby or tiny toys, depends on her mood.
 Creative Kuts also has a VIP club, all you have to do is email them and let them know you want to be part of the club. Each month we get emailed a special file.  This is a cute little box, I altered it a bit with the pieces, but it's the general idea she had.  This went together so fast too! I love how amazing the files are from Creative Kuts.
 Now, putting to use those PINS on Pinterest, I used my Art Philosophy cartridge to cut the pieces for the following projects that Emily and I put together.

 Is it an EGG or...
 a BUNNY. I cut 2 egg shapes, I drew the designs on the egg, (draw and color the egg then cut it in half) I cut it first and it was hard for Emily to color.
 I drew the face, added a heart nose and she picked out the google eyes.  I attached the halved egg at the top with brads so we can make the bunny hide or pop out.
 This should have been smaller but, it's still cute, the hand cuts are supposed to look like grass the bunny is hiding in.

 Another heart nose, I drew the mouth and Em added the google eyes.
 Here's more shots of the bunny/egg in action.
 And our chick! Another egg shape, triangle for the beak and I used a banner cut for the legs.
 more google eyes and hand cut outs for wings attached by yellow brads
 This one is her favorite, she's hugging it them kissed it. :)
 Saying cheese!
So proud of her self.  She pitched a fit when we were done because she wanted to do more.  Tomorrow we will be decorating our eggs and maybe I'll hunt for more crafts on Pinterest.
Thanks for looking, I'd love to hear what you think of our work.


Creative Kuts said...

These are wonderful pictures. Love when you are happy. lmbo

Carla said...

You are so creative & these projects are adorable . . . almost as adorable as your little Peanut :-)