Saturday, April 28, 2012

Some reorganizing and a cute card

I've been doing some moving around, I've been on a buying binge that I'm sure my husband will squelch very soon, so I've had to move some stuff around to make better use of my space which happens to be a wall in my master bedroom.
This tin used to have pieces of ribbon in it, now it holds my twine, I posted a while back how I use my scalloped oval punch and punch 2 pieces from card stock then sandwich the end between the two pieces and wrap and wrap and wrap! 

Here are my other twines I have on spools, my goal is to have all my twine on spools, maybe I should order some really fast before the hubby shuts me off! lol
This jar used to have my buttons in it.  I recently got to visit a HUGE Hobby Lobby in Brevard County.  We took Emily to the zoo there and I was thrilled to see the HL as we came off the interstate. Woohoo, anyhow, I bought these gem stones on that trip, it's a pound of them!! It was in a flimsy plastic container so I had to put it in a more secure container.
So here are my loose ribbons now, in my Longaberger magazine basket, it's pretty full, guess I better start using more ribbons.  Emily loves swiping pieces and using them as jump ropes, lol she is a trip!
Here's a treat, I love Scraptasical Kreations, they have a new challenge each week, she released these adorable shadow box files last week and this week's challenge was to use one of them.  The sun is also from her.  The clouds are are my prized scalloped oval punch.  I used pearly white along with the pattern paper.
I used my gem stones and some twine as embellishments.
And here is where my ribbon pieces lived originally, they now hold my buttons.  We have a new store in town, the famous My Favorite Things!!! I was so excited to see them open a place so close to me.  They have a button bar in the store, fill up a martini glass of amazingly cool buttons for just $3, so I have to get some each time I've gone in.  
I hope you enjoyed my tour of embellishments and reorganizing.  It made me laugh how I had to move each thing so close together and how perfectly it all worked out.
Happy crafting all.


Dawn said...

I love all your ideas for storing your embellishments! Your so organized now you might not want to do anything to mess it up! HAHA I love your happy card too. GREAT job. Hugs, DAwn

Carla said...

You are sooo organized and very practical!! Love to see you excited like this. Have fun crafting!! Hugs! :-)