Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lucky 8 punches

Have you seen the Lucky 8 punches?! They are HUGE and amazing!
Well, FYI if you drop one, make sure a body part is no where near it!
This is what happened to my work table when it fell from about 2 feet up.

And this is what happened to my blotter when it bounced from the work table, the tear is all the way through to the card board backing! A little scary!
The pics are a little out of order so hold that thought, 
These are the fun strawberry boxes I made with the cute shopping bag.  This file is from Kadoodle bug designs.  She has super fun SVG fils and digital stamps. The strawberries are a $1 file
So here are my Lucky 8 punches.  And yes, those are command hooks they are hanging from! Those are some amazing products, the hooks and the punches ;) The hooks aren't big enough to hang using the hole in the punch so I used from ribbon to loop through and hang from that.
And like mother, like daughter! She was crafting with me.  Thankfully she has her own box of stuff.  I should have taken another picture about 10 minutes later but I was too overwhelmed to think about it.
She dumped her beads out on the floor and I ended up having to get the sweeper out to get them all up out of the rug. sigh, she's lucky she's cute :)
And my favorite project of the day! My cute flip flop box, another SVG file.  The site is a new one I came across through one of the blogs I follow. And this is even a free file!! It was easier than I expected to assemble so give it a shot!

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