Friday, July 27, 2012

Pink by design challenge #2

Favorite holiday challenge
Christmas is by far my most favorite holiday. I have boxes and boxes of decorations and each year I buy and make more I could easily decorate 5 full size trees maybe 6 :)
I used my Snow Angels Imagine cartridge to make these ornaments. I cut one set as is then another using the layer feature. On the traditional ornament shapes I switched the images so each side would be different. On the mittens I printed on set as is then changed the color of the cuffs and cut them with the layer feature.
I love them! I think I'll be making more to include on my cards this year.
It makes me giggle to look at them :) I think I'll leave them on my little tree right on my hall table

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Lisa said...

What cute little ornaments! Thanks so much for helping us celebrate today at Pink By Design! :)