Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day


Happy Valentine's Day

 This was the free BAP (build a project) from this week, Isn't it fun?  Super cute and really easy to put together. This would make great wedding favors or shower favors.  This one takes up a whole 12 by 12 sheet because I sized it bigger, you could make them any size.

I'm a little behind this month, we had a sick cat who bit me and it got infected and I ended up with cat scratch fever, I was pretty puny for 4 days and lost a lot of crafting time so I don't have the amount of projects I planned.

To start with, here is the entire file, this would be awesome for cards or lay outs, boxes...lots of possibilities.
Click the picture if you want to buy your own file.

First I chose the beehive bear and turned it into a shaped card.  I chose just the beehive in my cutting program and made it to about 6 by 6, copied the shape then flipped and welded the bottoms together.
I then placed the whole bear file near the card I created and sized it to fit.
 I used a scrap piece of paper to lay across the beehive and sponge color to create the lines.
How cute is this little bee bear?  I love her red and white suit, how fun would it be to make her suit all different colors?
 The beehive she's sitting on is cut from glitter paper.  The flowers and leaves I folded and bent to add dimension.  You can see I used white to chalk on the bear and flowers, I think it's a neat look.

For this next card I chose the cupcake bear.  I did the same thing with the cupcake as I did the beehive.  First I welded the icing onto the cup before sizing, flipping and welding.  Make sure you flip or mirror or the icing won't line up when you fold your card.
 She snagged a taste of icing, too cute.
 I did the flowers similar as the beehive card, my intention was to make a card with each bear and have them match to give as a set of cards.
If you notice how different the bears look, I used brown to in the edges on this one, I think the white is a much softer look.
 SO, stayed tuned, I will complete this set and bring it to you in the near future!

I love you all, so here's my card to you!

I mounted the heart with an action wobble to the front, they are just so fun!

I used some twine to hang hearts inside, isn't this a great card!!

Cheryl did all the hard work for you, it's a fabulous file.
I used one of my embossing folders to add some fun to the front and lots of pearls!

I really hope you will leave me a comment to let me know what you think.
Don't forget to check in with us on face book often, we've always got something going on, lots of fun.


SusieScrapper said...

Awesome projects and I just love the bear!!

Happy Valentines Day!!


MaryEllen said...

love love love all of your projects !! thanks for the inspiration