Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter treat cakes

Did you have a good Easter?  Do you have a ton of candy in the house still?

Well, I have a little idea for you to use some of that candy, get the kids involved and have some fun family time.

This is my little Peanut, she loves crafting and I love her! :D
I piped the grass and she did the rest.

To get the cute little cakes I used my Pampered Chef new brownie pan, such a great pan!!!
Perfect shapes and perfectly baked each time.
We had to have some fun with the left over icing :) Who doesn't love green teeth?

Didn't she do a great job?  She had a lot of fun and only ate a few jelly beans! lol

She thought this guy needed some hair, too funny, I let her do this part herself.
And I let her give me some icing in my mouth, she only missed a little :)

Have fun with your kids, they are only small for a little while!

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