Thursday, June 6, 2013

3D fun

I love making 3 dimensional items with paper, it's so amazing what can be done, there are a few artists out there who can do crazy creative stuff, my heros lol
LOVE this fish, isn't he cute?  Cracks me up!  When you pull down on the message his mouth opens and you can fill his body with treats.

Grilling time?  How funny is this?!

 And you can't grill out with out a picnic table!  I made this file as big as I could fit on the mat just to play.  I plan to make another smaller table that will work, scale wise with this size grill.
 Love the steak! And lift up on the side boards and fill it with treats! Same with the table, lift the table top and fill with goodies!

Who doesn't like resting in a hammock among the trees and water?

 My daughter has confiscated this on numerous occasions since I've made it for her Squinkies
This one is really cool, because if you want them to be treat containers the bottom of the trees can be left unglued and filled with treats!

Thanks for stopping by today, all of these files can be found at SVG Cutting files


Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

in LOVE!

Annie Kelly said...

You really had a busy day! They all look great... glad you like the files... more 3d on the way! lol

Jessica Wilson said...

These are TOOO STINKING CUTE Marji!!! I LOVE THEM!!! I bet your daughter and her squinkies are adoring the hammock as well :)

Great job!