Saturday, August 24, 2013

Captured Moments

Another FUN and adorable layout today!  I'm so in love with this paper stack! 
Aren't these kids the cutest?  I take so many pictures of my sweet girl that are so off the wall or there are only one or two pics this will be perfect to make a collage type of different days.
Love the colors and the pink woodgrain! How cute is that camera?
I had to diva the little girl up a bit, put her in a pink dress like my Emily loves and the pony tail is a dream, one day she will have enough hair and allow  me to put a pony in and keep it in!
I gave the little guy some freckles, isn't he adorable?
I added a pretty ribbon rose to her dress and put a bow in her hair!
Love this.
This is another one of those COL deals I always talk about! I really hope you are taking advantage of Cheryl's  generosity!!