Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shelley's Gem Stone beads

Today I've got the pleasure of sharing some gorgeous beads with you!
The fabulous Shelley of Shelley's Gem stone beads sent me a boat load of beads to create with.
here's what I came up with
 Can you believe how much she sent me?  I still have a small hand full left over waiting for my creativeness to strike again!
 Love these purple and green, such a great combination!
 Beautiful pink, look at that color! I added some pretty purple flower charms to the bottom.
 Love the green here as well, these beads are so pretty in person, it's hard to get the color to show in photos.
 I'm hooked on the beaded stick pins, thanks to my lovely friend Jessica at Pinque Peacock!
So I had to make some, aren't they great?

And now for the bracelets! I have been having fun wearing them, I find myself just spinning it on my arm admiring the beads! Seriously, it's mesmerizing.
 This one I added the cool square spiral charms, I've had them for ages and love how they go with this so well.
 Emily insisted in helping, sometimes it just easier to let her than argue the fact, so this one had her input, a little.
 But this one, she designed all by herself! The 2 beads on each side of the white center bead are from my stash, but all others are from Shelley's shop!

 This one is another idea from Emily.  She kept picking these up and letting them fall back onto my bead tray and said "Mom, these will be a great necklace"  I didn't have enough for that and thought it was a really cute bracelet as well! 
I hope you pay Shelley a visit and get some of these for yourself, trust me, if you think the picture is pretty, when you get them you will be amazed!!

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Donna K said...

Are there any crafts that you do NOT do?! Pretty pretty jewelry with Shelley's gorgeous beads!! Go on with your bad self girlie!