Friday, November 15, 2013

I've been MIA, did you miss me?

Have you missed me? Things have been really crazy for us the last month, I was scheduled ahead for a while and now I've fallen behind and it's hard to catch up.

I'm working on it though, hoping to be back to normal soon.
This past weekend I did my first craft show in 2 years.
Friday and Saturday we had constant wind with gusts around 20 miles per hour, not good for paper crafts, lol.  Sunday was beautiful, a lot less wind.

 I'll be doing another show in a few weeks, hoping to do a lot better at that show.
Emily wants the Disney Princess dream castle for Christmas...I refuse to pay for it with our regular money, so if I make enough at the show Santa will be bringing it for her.

You can see the wind kicking here, my storage boxes were not hidden at all, lol
It was nice to be outside all weekend and be off mommy and wife duty during the day.

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SusieScrapper said...

Hope you did well at the craft show, your stuff looks very pretty!