Monday, December 2, 2013

Button it up Challenge

Good Monday morning! What a beautiful day! It's December already, a lot of us are putting our trees up and getting the house all festive and bright.  I love the lights and the excitement of Christmas.
It's fun to make it playful and cheery but never forget the real reason we celebrate, God gave us the best gift of all, His Son, so we may have a beautiful life!

God bless and keep you!
digi12602 Cat and Ornament
digi12602 Cat and Ornament

digi10602 May This Holiday Season
digi10602 May This Holiday Season

I used my SIL program again for placement to create this simple one layer card.  Trying to get a lot of cards done in a timely manner means simplicity.  Also for mailing purposes, it's easier to keep them light, given the fact I was adding buttons to this one, it works out great!

I replaced the kittens ornament with a button, used some fun designer tape for accent and, HA! a cute and fun card!
 I had one little bow button so I had to add it to her head :)

After I got this one worked out I printed a few more so I've now got 4 of these cards done! I love it!

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Zella said...

Very cute!! I'm such a kitty fan so I just love the image and you made an adorable card! I love that it's 1 layer too.....Fantastic!!!!!