Thursday, March 13, 2014

What a doll

I am sharing a sweet scrap book layout today.  I take so many pictures of my daughter it's crazy and now she will pose and say, "mom, take a picture of us" and have her doll or a toy.  I can't say no, can I?
 This page is inspired by one of those moments.  I used the rag doll image and changed her outfits by using the print and cut feature and the colors and patterns in my Cameo.
 I also used my Zink Happy photo printer to make the title.  It's such a fun printer.
 Here's a close up of the dolls, I had a lot of fun making their outfits different.
 Emily saw this page and she wanted to know who those girls were"  She was not satisfied when I told her I didn't have anyone in mind, they were just baby dolls.  So please let me introduce you to "Jessica", "Bella", and "Elsa".  :)
 Aren't these title bars cute?  
 The small picture I used will be one of the bigger photos I add to the lay out as well.  She had to have her her hair braided to match Ana and Elsa.
Here's my machine working on another project, it's just so amazing, the 2 inch cartridge is my favorite but the 1/2 inch works great for card titles too.

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