Monday, July 7, 2014

Vacation get away

 Vacation challenge! What would be better than an island to yourself?
I created the island using my SIL program and files I have in there and made a shaped card.
 I cut out the pirate and his balloon friends and added them to the card with pop dots.

Aren't they fun?  Love them!
Now you get to play, where will you take us on your vacation?


Donna K said...

An island to myself with lots of tropical drinks and my craft supplies! yeah...that would do it....for about a week maybe, after that, way too quiet!
This is so dang cute, though. Love that peg leg pirate and his fun balloon. GREAT shape card, Marji!

Anonymous said...

Just love this! That pirate is so fun. It's nice to see such a great variety of vacation destinations from the DT this week.

Cheryl Caldwell-Nyboer said...

This is SO darned cute and so clever ~ I LOVE it!!

Julie Odil said...

I'm going to crash Donnas private island and join her crafting party. This is adorable! I love the island you made for your pirate!