Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ugly sweater page

We all dressed in our "ugly sweaters" for our Christmas party at work this past year.
It was a lot of fun and of course the sweaters were all adorable.
We took a photo together and I wanted to make this page.
 I rarely scrapbook for a specific picture anymore, lol, it's quite silly, I make pages, I have a ton of completed pages, they are photo naked I'm embarrassed to admit.
 So to keep with the ugly sweater theme I made the page a bit busy and loud.  I found this bow file in my stash from the SIL store.

Who's ever had this happen?  I had the "bright" idea to try the silicone finger guard as tops for my glue.  Doesn't work so well when your bottle is almost empty and you shake it really hard then squeeze...yeah, oopsie

If you want your own set of this file, click the image at the top for US residents.  If you live in Europe then please click here to order your files.

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