Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Izzy Bizzy doll

 You've seen my Rainbow loom posts before, mostly pretty bracelets.
I have learned, thanks to some great tutorials on You Tube, how to "crochet" with the Rainbow loom bands.

Yup, this doll is all Rainbow Loom bands!  Isn't she wonderful?  She's about 12 inches tall, maybe a little over that. 
Her dress comes off and I will be making more outfits for her along with different hair styles, her "wig" comes off too!

She has on a one piece bathing suit/under garment.  

I am so proud of her!  She was a ton of work and Emily loves her.  The smiles are so worth it!

If you want to make your own, check out Kate on You Tube at Izzylicious Designs

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Scrapper69 said...

WOW!!! Now that is very COOL!!! LOVE your doll! I can't believe it was made from those bracelet looms... AWESOME and very creative! Have a Crafty Day! :)

Scrappers Anonymous