Thursday, August 6, 2015

Go to the head of the class

Today I have a little bit different of a post.  We are embarking on a new journey her at the Franklin house.  Homeschool!!
We are just getting our classroom set up and it's looking pretty good.  I've been buying things as I see them and gotten most from the dollar store or on clearance.
We still need a few pieces to complete it.
The best part for me is that desk was mine, when I was around 8 or 9 my parents bought my sister and I desks for Christmas.  I'm so glad I held onto it.  Also my dad pulled out my old chalk board. It's one of the big ones on an easel, so once he gets it cleaned up he is going to bring it over.

 Emily is very excited over this, which makes it a little easier on my nerves.  She had to celebrate by making cupcakes.  Our first home ecc. lesson!  She read the box to tell me what we needed, stirred the batter and filled the wrappers.  She also told me the temperature for the oven and for how long they needed to bake! I'm so proud!  She is reading so well now!

 She spent most of the day in her new classroom with her fur budy Elsa.  She practiced some writing, watched some you tube and practiced some ballet!  lol, she informed me that since we had one whole wall that was empty she needed a ballet bar! 

So on to the main reason for my lengthy post!  This adorable project I made!  My first classroom project!  I wanted some sort of goal sheet that Em could see and we could  check off as we go.
I was trolling the school isle at Dollar General and saw the foil star stickers, must have!, then I saw the small poster board and the idea was born!
I cut up a piece of scrapbook paper for the borders, glued 2 pieces of her writing paper to the middle and added some stickers I had in my stash.  
The stars of the board are the bookworms.  Aren't they adorable? 

 I created the sticker pocket simply, it's just a rectangle of card stock with some foam tape strips on the edges.

You can find the bookworms I used in the School section in the store here

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