Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sunsational Stamps August Stamp release

Hi there! Today is a super fun release for me!  If you've been following my blog then you know we are beginning our homeschooling adventure this school year.
I am so in love with the bookworm that Lisa has drawn us, and really enjoyed all of the images.
So be warned, this is a photo heavy post.

 For my first project, I made a cute shaped card using 2 of the new images.  The bookbag bookworm is the front of the card, and the School Girl Crush I put on the inside.  I typed the sentiment myself and used a font that resembles writing with crayon.

I used the crayon and that same font from the card to make a label for Emily's binder to hold her worksheets.

 I used to get scrapbook kits from Storytellers, I've been hoarding these kits and came across this one and the colors spoke to me so I colored a bunch of the images to match so I can have layouts done before I even take the pictures.  I'm so bad about doing this then taking forever to get the pictures printed, it's my new goal for this year, a mid-year resolution so to speak.  Get photos printed and on pages and in books!

How cute are these?  I am so tickled with how they turned out.  I see lay outs a lot that I think, I could never make those, well, looking at these I feel like "wow! I made this!"

 This apple makes me giggle! I love that face!

I turned a "home" layout into a school lay out, since we are homeschooling! ha! I crack myself up sometimes.

I typed the "kindergarden" on the crayon box using that same crayon font.  Then created a little "garden" below the box.  I then used the back to school from the stamp set and inserted the home piece from the scrapbook kit.  I love how well this all went together.

I requested a ruler and Lisa came through even using my new love with it!  I hung this cork board above Em's desk to attach out pledges and prayers and her work when she wants to display them.  I wanted a header for it so I just printed the image really big and created 2 layers for him in red then yellow paper.
I added crystal effects to his glasses, nose and apple.  I put crystal glitter on his nose and red glitter on the apple.  SO CUTE!!  (gasp)

I created a sign for the door too, I LOVE how this turned out.

And Of course had to make a frame for the Teacher's Pet! (wink, wink)

I think I love this worm too much!! I added the crystal effects to his glasses and nose.  Isn't he cute?

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Scrapper69 said...

WOW! You've been busy!!!! Everything looks so cute!!! Enjoy Homeschooling.. I did it for a little while with my youngest and we had more time off than in a reg. school. it was so nice... Of course I ended up running my own business so the home schooling stopped.... now that we've moved I got him in an Academy type of school which is a lot like homeschooling and we both love it! :) Wish you the best!

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