Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lavendar Salt bars, cold process soap

I love that sea salt is a moisturizer!  It blows my mind in a way.  
I've seen a lot of neat soaps done using the sea salt.  I chose to add salt to my lavender cold process recipe from

 It's a 3 color/layered soap.  I added salt to each of the colors, it's pretty neat the way the color works out.  It starts out as a periwinkle blue liquid color.  Just by adding different amounts to 3 different containers of soap batter you get the gradation of color.

 With salt bars, you have to cut them while they are still warm...note to self, put your gloves on before unmolding and cutting warm soap.  They lye is still very active and I had a couple of hang nail issues that made sure I knew the lye water hit them.  I was happy with the out come.  Sadly the salt crystal effect evaporated on the top.  But they are still really pretty, I love the purple and they smell lovely.

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