Tuesday, March 29, 2016

365 days of Granny Squares update

I've been doing pretty good keeping up with the granny squares.  I usually do 3 or 4 every few days so I'm still behind but only by 4 as of this posting.

Don't look too close at them, there are a lot of mistakes.  I am doing this as practice for myself and trying to not beat myself up too much over my mistakes.  

This yellow and gray one almost beat me.  Those dark stitches you see there are the last ones of that round.  Yup, I ran out of the gray I was using and was not about to rip out all of those stitches, they were a pain in the neck to do! lol, sigh, it's just practice, just practice...

Since I'm not very good at keeping my stitches consistent, some of my squares come out bigger than Nadia's do.  But, still, it's practice and I'm learning so many new stitches and I do feel like I'm getting better.

I found a blanket on Facebook that someone made to look like the ocean and beach line with baby sea turtles on it.  I WILL make that blanket, I have the first section of the blanket done, the sand color.  The issue I have is the sea turtles are a written pattern, I've never been able to read patterns.  So I found this bag and I actually read the pattern and created the bag correctly! SO, I'm one step closer to getting brave enough to buy the sea turtle pattern and try them.

Nadia recently started posting this baby girl set. It's got matching booties, a hat and a cute lovie blanket.  So I decided to make the dress for Emily's doll.  I did the top half the size since the pattern is for a 0-6 months old baby.  It's still big for her doll but she loves it.  I've been instructed I have to make the shoes and the hat for the doll too.  lol

Here is the little bunny blanket.  It turned out so cute!!
Emily of course snagged it immediately to give her doll for her birthday...does anyone else's little girls have birthday parties for their dolls?  I swear each week it's someone's birthday around here. lol

I also wanted to share an idea I had the other night.  I had such a small amount of several colors left and I really didn't want to throw them out because it seemed like too much to waste.  So I decided I'd start making another bag, like the one above, but I would only use the small amounts I end up with.  So it will be a cool patchwork bag.  It will take a long time since I will be using left overs as I get them.  I think it will be really fun to see it when it's done.

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Scrapper69 said...

WOW Girl... you've been busy! I'm jealous as I can't sew or Crochet... but it's so nice to see others projects so no worries on judgement here on your squares... I think they look wonderful and that bunny blanket IS adorable as is the dress... way too cute!

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