Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

You can find the Sunsational March release by clicking here

Happy Easter! .
God sent us Jesus as a promise to eternal life, the rainbow is another of God's promises to never flood the Earth again.

So for this box, I used some of the gorgeous foil papers I found at my local Dollar Tree.  The packs come in holographic and regular foil.  Sadly the packs don't have orange or green in them but I really like how this looks with the regular paper in between the holographic layers.

Emily has already swiped this for her own use.  lol  She said she is going to put a battery operated candle in it.  I'll have to post a photo of that when she does it.

This is a file from Pretty Paper Pretty Ribbons, I'm adding this to their current challenge

I also have this adorable egg decoration to share.  I made the egg last year after Easter and it's been sitting on top of my cabinet waiting for me to finish it.  So I sprayed adhesive spray all over and inside then dusted with glitter to mimic the really cool sugar eggs you can buy.  I then cut the cute lamb and chick and put them inside with some Easter basket grass.

They are so happy and cheery! I love it!

The egg is from My Scrap Chick, the lamb and chick are from Pretty Paper Pretty Ribbons.

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Scrapper69 said...

Okay.. both projects look AWESOME! LOVE the cool Egg and your 3D rainbow turned out wonderful!

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