Friday, May 6, 2016

Crochet projects

I have several projects to share with you today.  If you've noticed my blog hasn't been as busy lately, this is why, lol, I am obsessed with perfecting my crochet skills so paper has been pushed aside. 
I find myself realizing what day it is and needing to do a design team project STAT!
But I am having SO much fun creating with yarn and I am so proud of myself I just can't stop.

So, I made this mermaid tail blanket using a video tutorial from Nadia at YarnUtopia.  It's really messed up at the end but it still works and it's my first one so.... Emily has already put her request in for one in her size!

This is the blanket that took forever I felt! It's made with really chunky yarn that changes 4 times into a different texture.  My mom bought this yarn in December and requested a blanket for her couch.  She bought 10 skeins!!! 
So I did the Corner to Corner blanket again like the one I made for my bed since you don't have to work into previous stitches, they are almost impossible to find with this yarn.

I thought I planned properly and started decreasing early enough but I had to go buy another skein so this is the blanket, 3 months later!  I had to put it away several times and do other projects just to decompress from that yarn! lol  My bed is king sized! This was supposed to be a "back of the couch" type blanket.  I think my mom will be using it on her bed instead!
It's gorgeous, and SO soft and cozy.  And now my sister wants me to make her a hat with the same yarn! 

Did you catch  my post the other day with the little lovey blankets?  Well, I wasn't' going to share this one because it's a hot mess!  Remember how I've mentioned (I think I have) about written patterns being really hard for me to follow?
Here's proof! lol  I still like how this looks and Emily likes it so she wants it for her baby dolls, which works for me.
But I tried again since my sister wanted on in bright rainbow colors and realized what I did wrong so we are good now on that pattern!

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Scrapper69 said...

That mermaid blanket is soooo COOL! LOVE how it turned out and WOW! On your bed blanket! So big and lots of work later but amazingly beautiful! And I think the little lovey is adorable! At least you can crochet! LOL I can't and probably never will try too! :)

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