Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Virus pattern

This is a gorgeous pattern I kept seeing on the crochet group I'm part of and I tried and tried and kept getting confused and messing up.
I had commented on someone's photo that I just couldn't get it, it was beyond my skill level.  Well, to my surprise, the lady who's video I was watching sent me a private message offering her help!!
AND she fixed my goof up!
I just love how it looks, plus it's worked "in the round" so it's square and even!

This is called a Virus shawl.  I had this skein of pink that Emily kept saying how pretty it was.  So I set off to make the shawl with just that one skein, it is the perfect size for her!

When I finished the original blanket, I still had the yellow and green left so I was curious to see how far I would get, if it would be big enough for anything so I got started.
I finished off with a couple rows of white to make it look finished and it's a great baby blanket size.  It's about 32 inches.

To give you a better idea of the sizes.  The small blanket is folded diagonal on top of the original blanket that's folded in quarters.  It's really big. But I love that peachy orange color with the green and yellow.

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Scrapper69 said...

Oh Wow! They are all so pretty! So glad you said something to the group and got help to fix your boo boo! Sometimes that's all we need to do.. Just ask! :) Your daughter looks adorable with that Shawl! :)

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