Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bat angel witch

Seems odd putting those words together, but that's what she is, I love making these, she is my second one.  I made the Liberty Angel and turned her into a teacher for our little classroom in our home.
(click the link to check her out)
I love the purple and green together so I knew I had to use those colors for her.
She's jointed with twine and buttons so her knees and elbows can move freely.

 I used yarn for her hair and gave her braids.  Since she hangs on the wall, her hat won't stay on, so I propped it on her broom handle.  The bat is supposed to be a crown of sorts I think, but I like him better perched on her hat.

I used glass beads in purples and greens to decorate her skirt.

You can find the original Liberty Angel here
You can find the Halloween witch here
The tutorial to put her together can be found here

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