Saturday, November 19, 2016

Simple snowflakes

 So, if you don't follow me on facebook you might have been wondering what's happened to me lately.  My computer died! Just up and took the ghost one night as I was getting ready to do some blog posts.  Hard drive actually broke, how does that even happen?  Anyway, while I've been waiting on the new one to arrive I actually made some cards with out the aid of my computer! I've gotten so dependent on it I never just use my die cuts or stamps anymore.
I'm pretty happy with this. I kept it simple since there is so much sparkle. I may add a banner with Merry Christmas before I send them out, thanks to a facebook friend's suggestion.
These die cuts are from My Favorite Things.  They are no longer available but there are some gorgeous new dies and stamps they just released.

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karalschuknecht said...

Marji, this is beautiful, I love the die cuts put back into the area they were cut from. So pretty!