Saturday, January 7, 2017


 Recently the world has rediscovered the so called "messy bun hat"
I had 2 small balls of wool that I did know what I would use them for until now.
I made myself a hat for our Christmas trip to Kentucky.

I came across a pattern for an ornament of Ariel.  It calls for using really thin thread so she comes out pretty small.  I used my regular yarn and a small hook so she's still small but not tiny.
I changed her hair so she came out to look like Ariel.  I cut long pieces of yarn then doubled them and pulled them through each stitch around her head so she's got a full head of hair. 
 In order to keep her hair out of her face, I made up a little flower of sorts and tied it around a section of hair.  


Cathy said...

you are talented!

Chriss America Real said...

These projects are just darling! Do you know Lisa at You should make her a mermaid while you are at it, could you make me one too? LOL!