Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Wizard of Oz

I was so excited to get this blanket done.  This was my first time doing a single crochet graph project.
My other graph projects have been a stitch called corner to corner.
The single crochet is a much tighter and detailed piece.
The bottom border is called planned pooling. It's done using varigated yarn, using a bit of math and paying attention to where your stitches fall you get this great pattern.  The way mine turned out mimics the tornado I've been told and if you look at the yellow brick road, it matches up with the yellow creating the path's extension. 
I wish The words were more clear, I used black to outline them and should have gone with a gray.
You can find this pattern at White Rabbit Crafts.


Chriss America Real said...

This blanket is my favorite of all your new projects! I love them all but this one is just so darn cute...question, do you give this to your daughter to use as a blanket or do you frame it and hang it on the wall?



Daffodil Cards said...

Amazing work.