Saturday, February 10, 2018

Easy Press shirts

I made a few more shirts using my Easy Press! I'm so loving this tool!
I've been wanting to make shirts for a long time but my iron was not up to par so this is really exciting for me.
You can see some others here.
I saw this shirt online and knew Emily needed it! lol
She's a nut for kids playing Roblox and toy unboxing videos

And here is an example of what NOT to do when making shirts!
Totally sobbing here!
I made a card using this digi from Scribbles designs, you can see it here
And I immediately wanted to make a shirt with it.
The blue foil was tricky to weed, the cut lines didn't separate easily.
So after an hour of fighting when I finally separated the last bit I was exhausted and ready to get it done, plus it was late and I was already tired.
I didn't look close enough and didn't even see my mistake until I looked back at the pictures in  my phone to see if they looked ok!

Do you see my mistake?! UGH!!! So bummed!
The Easy Press does such a great job there's no saving it.
I'll wear it anyway...besides, this shirt was a huge bargain! I found it at the Dollar Tree! Yes, some stores got t-shirts in! I bought quite a few, they are brand shirts and this one is a long sleeve lightweight polyester, perfect for Florida winters.

So my tip to you, look and look again and don't craft tired!

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Daffodil Cards said...

Love the "design feature" on your shirt, keep at it, your doing REALLY well, love them.