Thursday, March 22, 2018

Diamond Painting

Hello, I have a new craft to share with you!! 
As if I need another one to do, lol

This is called Diamond Painting, (I will not be held responsible for resulting addictions after viewing this post) google it, check out you tube videos, you can buy them on, Aliexpress, ebay and Amazon.  Most of them come from China so they take a while to arrive but the cost of those compared to the ones from the states are much cheaper.

I've started doing videos of them because photos do not do them justice.

These are my first 2, the colorful floral image on the bottom is a blank canvas, ready to be done, the owl shown is a completed piece.
You add small stones that you can see in the green tray at the top to the pre-glued canvas using the chart like a color by numbers piece.

Here's a photo of my 8 1/2 year old finishing up the top owl for me.  She's hooked too!
It's a good thing that each kit comes with the tool set because we will be able to work on the floral one together.
I have my Cricut light pad under the canvas to make the numbers show up better.
Check out my first video here
and my unboxing of the floral design here
I'd love for you to subscribe to my You tube channel if this interests you, I have 2 more on the way and a dozen on my wish list, this is a great craft.

Here is the finished piece. I did a video on you tube so you can see the sparkle!
Check it out here.

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