Monday, April 28, 2008

We had a fun weekend! Saturday we spent the day on the Motorcycle for a fundraiser for the next Sheriff of Orange County, John Tegg. It was a "Poker Run", there were 5 different stops and at each stop we drew a card and who ever got the highest hand won $300! Unfortunately we didn't get that hand but someone actually ended up with a Full House! I am not sure of the number but I would say there were over 100 bikes in attendance. John was Steve's supervisor when he first started with Orange County almost 20 years ago, so they go way back! John is a fantastic Christian man of God, he will be a fabulous Sheriff! Steve picked out our matching shirts, cute huh? They had Royal flushes on them, so the running joke was we have the winning hand. So much for lucky shirts. LOL Sunday we went to see Steve's parents and luckily Beverly was baby sitting the little muchkin Greyson. Scroll down a bit to see him 5 months ago! He is healthy and happy boy. Look at that red hair. He is strong and active, he looks like a little frog out of water, his legs NEVER stop moving. He was entertaining us all with his funny sounds and blowing bubbles and of course those kicking feet!

Look at that smile, he's fabulous!

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