Thursday, June 12, 2008

Adorable Tigger

I have to share these pictures. I was sorting laundry and Tigger has this habit of needing to be in the clothes while I am folding. After I pulled out the clothes that would wrinkle to hang them up I come back to the bed and find this. She had curled herself up in Steve's undershirts. I guess them being warm from the dryer just was too good to pass up. I couldn't bear to disturb her so I let her sleep and put the shirts away after she woke from her nap over an hour later.

I took 3 pictures of her and she didn't even flinch. Sound asleep and too cute for words.

Look at that pink toe pad on her foot. I love it!

OK enough gushing about my cat. Sorry. I can't help myself. (big ear to ear grin)

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