Friday, August 15, 2008


I have been a bit preoccupied, not sure with what, but haven't been on the computer in the evenings. I wanted to post some of Baileigh's first birthday party pictures. She had a blast. She knew the party was for her and made her entrance waving to her people. LOL She's a hoot! Her favorite gifts were a playschool cell phone and set of car key's, a Noah's Ark boat with animals, it's huge, I think it's playschool, my memory fails me now, and her favorite gift? Her daddy who is serving the Air Force in Iraq made her a Build a Bear online and had it shipped home in time for her party. It's a super soft brown bunny dressed in a pink camo. skirt, cute top, flip flops and a cell phone in her hand. She is almost as big as Baileigh is. She grabbed it and hugged it after she opened it. Melissa told her it was from Daddy, we can't know if she really understood or just loved the bunny. Either way, it's so sad that Justin wasn't there to enjoy the fun. So, before I start crying I will post the pictures. Enjoy!
We were singing Happy Birthday to her.

She didn't get very messy.

Fisher Price is the maker of the Boat she got. How cute is that face!!

Man, this kid has me hook line and sinker!! :)

There's the hug for Daddy's Bunny. Hurry home Daddy, we ALL miss you!!

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