Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One week

Well, it's been one week with out Tigger and it's not getting any easier. We are working on healing. My great Aunt Betty has a house in Englewood Florida, it's on the west coast between Sarasota and Venice. Adorable little town minutes from the beach. She was sweet enough to let my hubby and I spend this past weekend there. He felt it would do us both some good to get out of the house and focus on each other and other things for a few days. It was fabulous. Perfect weather and not too crowded beaches.
If you don't know, the Venice area is the Shark's tooth capital pretty much. You can find fossilized shark's teeth that are millions of years old. Most of them that wash up on the beach are small, about the size of finger nails. Well, Steve was walking along getting the hang of what to look for and all of a sudden comes running to me asking if "this was one?"
After asking a few people on the beach a man told us he thinks it's a great white shark that is 5-6 million years old. If you look closely at the photo, you can see the line across the top where it was attached to the gum line and the line in the center is a normal indentation you find in the teeth. Steve was super excited and was showing people on the beach, well bragging really. :) We found alot of small teeth and some great shells. It was really good to reconnect with each other an nature.
I made my Aunt a card to thank her for the use of her house. She is still in Kentucky and won't be back down here until November. So I sent her this card and a copy of that photo above. She is always hunting for the perfect shell and great shark's tooth. I think she will be pleased.

After getting back home it's hard again but having my 4 beauties left helps some. Precious seems to still miss Tigger the most. She stays with me alot and seems to look for Tigger in all of her normal spots. It breaks my heart to know she misses her too, and I can't explain to her where she is now. Well, I told her what happened, but you have no way of knowing how much she understands. Here is a picture of her looking pretty sad, I think.

Thank you all for your kind word and thoughts for us. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. It's a long rough road for me and Steve is being wonderfully strong and sweet. My parents and sister are great and they are hurting too since Tigger was with us so long. When I get sad I try to think about the silly things she did. She was such a character!

God bless you all in your lives. Cherish those around you, even your pets. Life is too short and over before you know it!

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