Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Growing up too fast!

This is Paige our neighbor, I have been keeping her for a bit here and there when her mom and dad need some help. She is one month and three days older than Emily. She wasn't too happy being smacked in the head. Emily was just excited to have company. Notice where Emily is standing, she prefers to be on the outside of the walker and still refuses to go forward in it. She would rather go forward standing behind it and pushing it! Leave it to her to not follow the rules!! No she isn't in time out, but she should be!! We put the chair in the corner to eliminate a few opportunities for her to fall over in it. We figure if two sides are secured maybe she will only fall half the time! lol
She was very careful and calculated each of her movements before she followed through.
Oh, hi mom! Didn't know you were watching me! How did I do?
Yup, she got up in the chair and managed to turn around to sit properly all by herself!! She climbs on everything now, and is walking with support. She has taken 10 or 12 steps on her own but is still nervous to try it on her own very often.
Her newest bit of silliness is to stand and rock her head from side to side while singing or humming and tapping her right foot. It's a sight to see, so cute, I hope I can get it on video.

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