Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Emily is 11 months old!

She is growing up SO FAST, it doesn't seem possible that we are planning her first birthday party! I cleaned out her closet the other day and put all 9 months and 12 months sizes in. It made me very sad to put all those tiny clothes away. I was thrilled to see her cute tutu from Cousin Erin still fit. Such a cutie, and sweet baby!
She kept grabbing my bathing suit so I thought we would model it. She thought it was really funny and wouldn't stand still long enough for a really clear picture.
She has started using a sippy cup for water, juice and ice tea. She is starting to accept some table foods, still a slow process on that one. She spits stuff out or gags if there's much of a texture.
She is working on blowing kisses, waves her hand in front of her nose and says "shew" if we ask her if she stinks, she is a great dancer, she can throw a ball and loves Elmo.

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