Saturday, February 11, 2012

Creative Kuts Build A Project for this week

Here is my envelope and card made from the file I was sent.  If you don't know about this please visit the facebook page here check on Mondays to see what the file is then email with the subject Build a project and they will send you the file.  The rules are you must create the project and get it posted before 5 pm on Sunday to be eligible to participate the following week.
This will be for my little Peanut, she loves her lollipops and was very upset when I bought the bag that she couldn't have one right then.
 The surprise here is the card contains a heart lollipop.
 The cool part is the slits are part of the design, they think of everything. I just love the designs they come up with.  So much fun. 
 I sometimes forget to post my projects here because they get posted on facebook.  the little mailbox was the project from last week.  So cute and perfect for a lot of themes I think.
 These lollipops are an order I've got requesting Valentine's treat's for her daughter's little friends.  They are getting the same heart lollipops and I just cut 2 1/2 inch circles from the green and heart pattern then cut 1 3/4 inch circles from the pink paper.  The pattern paper is the back and I used regular glue to adhere the circles to the wrapper.  The pink paper has a heart on it and I filled it in with glitter glue and tied a cute pink bow on the stick.  I think they are really cute.
 Here is my little Peanut, er froggie tonight, she built a tower with her ABC blocks and was super proud asked me to take a picture, as I clicked she said ta da! So cute!


Eva said...

Very cute lil girl you have Marji. Fabulous job on your projects! as always, thanks so much for playing along!!! I will post on fan page for you :)

BLJ Graves Studio said...

Your project turned out so cute!!! Thanks for playing along. :0)

Liz said...

really cute