Friday, July 20, 2012

Paper bag album

I've been saving these bags for a special project and finally decided on what it would be, I recently bought myself a Cinch so I thought, "a book!"

Here are the bags after I folded them in half twice so they are nice and tidy.
Below is what they looked like to begin with, they are very large
And after binding it with my glorious machine! It's SO fun, I can't wait to add fun things to this book and tuck special mementos into the open tops.
This is the cover of the book, my sister and her family are here for 2 weeks so I will probably use this book as a vacation scrapbook.  I always like to save menus and little trinkets from special places we go, so this will be great, I can tuck all those little keepsakes in as we go.
Make sure you check back often, I will post again when it's finished, might be a while but you won't want to miss my other fun projects in the mean time.
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