Saturday, October 6, 2012

Class with Tim Holtz

Tim Holtz


I had the honor of taking a class from Tim Holtz at a local scrapbook Store.
It was such a blast! Tim is super nice and so funny. It's just not fair for one person to have so much creativity but man am I glad he does!
He created this class just for the store and we got to use a ton of  his amazing trinkets.
I have always been drawn to them but had no clue what to do so now I'm hooked and want to buy them all!
This is a bracelet, I used the typewriter charms to spell my name, an E for Emily, an S for Steve, an F for our last name and the word love.  I left 2 charms blank so I can put a picture of Steve on one and Emily on the other.  There is also a penny from 1999 on there for our anniversary year and Emily's birthday which is 9/9/09, how cool is it that the numbers are so similar :)
Tim has to alter the store's logo to fit our weekend classess
This is a necklace using one of his clock faces.  This is a real clock face so I don't have to worry about it falling apart.  Everything is so well made and thought through, it's just amazing.  
Man my hand looks old in this picture, jeeze.  This ring is just a filigree piece rounded to fit my finger and some of his floral pieces.  The brad in the center is one of his build a brad pieces with a sticker of a clock face in the center and an epoxy dome over top.  When I got home I used E6000 glue to secure everything because I almost lost all my pieces on the way to lunch, the brad came loose.
Here he is, all adorable chatting with some ladies
This is my favorite piece.  I LOVE the birdcage, shoot, I love it all.  The little dolls freak me out since they have no arms but it works on this necklace.  The wing and key I used some paint on to add some extra color and there is a dime on there as well just because I wanted to play with his drill.  You can drill through just about any metal!! It's true! And super easy!
Here we are after he signed my book for me.
And he liked how I spell my name, ;)
During class, he is just so adorable.

So thank you so much She Scrapbooks and Tim and Mario for making it a wonderful experience.  I wish I could have taken all 4 classes, maybe next year...
Let me know what you think of my first attempt at making jewelry. Tim made it so easy.

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