Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Valentine pillow box set



Today I get to share these super cute pillow boxes with you.  Perfect for your Valentine.
 I really love these because everything is mostly girly and frilly, little bears or some other cute critter.  These are very easily turned masculine or girly.  Change up the papers and there ya go!
 This one really made me laugh, we used to say this all the time in school so it brought me some nostalgia while I worked on it.  The glitter paper caused the blur, sorry for that.  I had to make it sparkle even if it's for a man, it is Valentine's day.
 This little dude I am in love with!! I just had to give him google eyes and love how the eye lids add to his cute expression.  Makes him look like he's drunk in love or up to no good, you pick.
I haven't seen many bowling themed things so this one tickled me too, I love the heart shaped finger holes, really cute touch.
If you'd like your own set to whip up for those lovely men in your life or the sweet teenager, head over to CK and get your own.  Not too mushy but so fun!
Thanks so much for stopping by today, please let me know what you think.

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 If you HAVE to have this one, click here to get it too!

Make sure to keep a watch on the fan pages on Face Book to see what the rest of the design team has made.  It's fun to see all of the different takes on the same file, lots of great ideas!

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MaryEllen said...

love all your boxes thanks for showing us