Saturday, September 28, 2013

Recipe club pages


Sharing my recipe pages from the Creative Kuts recipe club!  This is such a fantastic deal! For just $5 a month you get a new file plus recipe each Sunday! And Cheryl is always surprising us with bonus files.

The way these files come is fabulous, you can print out the completed recipe page and add right to your book, or you can print out the colored pieces and put them together or use your cutting machine to cut them for you, so the club works for any crafter or even a non crafter!

 I used the print and cut feature on my Cameo to cut my pieces for me so I could piece them.  The titles I layered before cutting so I didn't have the individual letters to glue down (a revelation that just occurred to me when using this feature, you can layer the small pieces and turn off those cut lines! doh)
 I just love this one, I had fun, I drew in kernels on the corn with a yellow glitter gel pen and added lines to the carrots and I think the potatoes look pretty good as well.  
A lot of times I use the print and cut feature to save time but in this case I used it so it matches my paper better, I don't have a lot of Stampin' Up solid card stock and I knew the colors print a lot lighter on my printer and it worked perfectly.

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Donna K said...

I can tell you had fun with these files, Marji! So cute...